Mammals, I Think We Are Called

Book cover, Mammals, I Think We Are Called, a toy hare looks up into the camera.

Ambitious and playful, darkly humorous and imaginative, these strikingly original stories move effortlessly between the realistic and the fantastical, as their outsider characters explore what it’s like to be human in the twenty-first century. Whether about our relationship with the environment and animals, technology, social media, loneliness, or the enormity of time, they reflect the complexities of being alive. Beautifully written and compelling, you won’t read anything else like them.

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Published by Salt, in their Salt Modern Stories series.

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I’ve been waiting for a collection of Giselle Leeb’s short stories for a few years, and it’s just as wonderful as I’d hoped! With wry dark humour and a boundless and inventive imagination, Leeb makes us look at the familiar with fresh eyes, taking us out of our everyday realities to explore everything that makes us human or non-human. From the weatherman in the opening story onwards, you won’t want to put this book down, but you will make yourself because you don’t want it to end. Everything that makes a great short story is here.

Tania Hershman – Goodreads

Mammals, Monkeys and Marvels

This very original short story collection is amazing. Packed with genre-bending, weird fiction that really makes the reader think about the modern world and our place in it. The author cleverly uses her characters to explore environmental issues and our relationships with animals and technology. Many of these stories made me laugh out loud – lots of subversive, dark humour. I highly recommend.

sparklestar – Amazon